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Tuesday, December 02, 2014


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Well well.. its been what..? Years? Been busy with family and business since my last post and to be honest I never thought I'd be posting again. But now that the kids are all grown up and the past is behind me, a couple of zippidees with my kids is in order. 

No, Brutus is dead. I'm not quite sure if I should resurrect him or not but he'd sure make a good solid paperweight. I'm drawing up plans on finally shifting from ever reliable japanese brands to the more manly type. Yep. 

Horsey, horsey come play with Willie. Won't be long now and bullet runs will be the norm again.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Calm Wishes

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This past year saw me in the backseat of some dark cavern sulking away into the wee hours of the morning staring boggy eyed into a pulsing screen. With scarcely a shut eye and oodles of stress hanging under my nose like the wilted vines of a willow tree. I almost forgot the only solace I drew from such nights was the sound of Brutus shrieking along the silent streets of Makati City at 2AM. Like ice cream on a hell-hot day. The time is coming again. Soon. Real soon.


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