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Monday, October 22, 2007

Check That Bob Seat

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Cicero was cool for letting me borrow his seat just to mock-up my set. That's Patrick's fender right there. But the bobber sight gave the bike a whole new different look from the getting-to-be-boring setup that I originally got.. and a lot of funky ideas along with it.

The handlebars look hella bad ass. As in really bad ass. I had to mock it up to see ofr myself if it would work and by golly I think it just might.

Now to crank out the specs and its off to the welder.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Long Hiatus

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Barely two training days since start of tournament practice I could say my cardio's still peaking at 75%. The new guns can finish the grueling 3 hour sessions with no breathing space in between while I on the other hand have to skip at the most the whole of the sparring part - comprised of 8 5minute full power rolls on the mat.

I still haven't decided yet if I'm going to push through with competing this coming December. By reason of work schedule of course. If I want to compete, I have to commit attending 7pm classes three times a week - which is what's really holding me back. That would only suck if I had everything planned for the day and come training hour I can't make it because of some troubleshooting at work. The constant 4AM sleeping habit is really throwing off my breathing.. heck..

What I do know, God willing, is that I would train at least Tuesday and Thursday, just to make up for the year I lost in training.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Links

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Jay took me to meet this simple guy who makes fiberglass molds for different clients, one of them being Easyriders in Japan - and now he makes molds for NOS and WSC. Simple but talented. It turns out he was the originator of the helmet mold that I bought for P3,500. He makes the same brand for just P1,500. Ain't that a bummer. Can't believe I got suckered into paying more than double. Ahh.. the price of ignorance.

No Such Thing As A Typical Day

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We often wake up and go straight about our business, without minding why we're still alive today. There is no seeking of purpose, no consciousness that everyday should have its purpose. I often wonder what good is there doing what I do. One day I'll look back at my life and pretty much see nothing worth citing.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Found a Beast

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"650 custom, morton's 7 degree tripple trees, 21" front rim, 18" x 5.5" rear rim, SS custom cycles rear fender, Jesse James diablo front fender, paint by Joe Kinnikin, harley risers with drag bar, j-slammed, fork mod, pro one grips, custom hypercharger cover, Cobra II headlight, mean cycles curved side mount license plate, Ignition key mod, Hard Krome strippers, AIS removed and plugged, Kury Hypercharger, Stainless steel cables, homemade seat, Kury magnum mirrors, Kury Boomerang frame covers, Show Chrome neck covers, Yamaha chrome side covers, Kury wide style chrome levers, Kury silver bullets on front and rear, Mapam forward controls, polished lower forks. All work done in my garage ... Helpful people and free modifications at 127.5 jets, needle jets clip on forth notch 3.5 turns on pm screws."

Everything Gray

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Been tinkering the whole day getting my ADAM back into tip-top shape after a long hiatus from his crashing incident. I manage to find the old forum where I collected pictures of Dragstars from Europe. Finally found one I liked. Fatter front wheels, lower seats, higher apes and we're good to go :)

Since I didn't have a good shot of the other side I just noticed it was missing the tranny covers. Hmm.. but the fairings blend well into the rear fender and compliments the white walls. Plus, I love Gray.. hehe..

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Three Weeks That Were..

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Since my Adam crashed a few weeks back I've been struggling to force myself to sleep a bit early than usual as I was used to staying up late till morning to do research and stuff - more like stuff - heee.. Anyway, a project looming over our heads since July finally reared its ugly head as September drew to a close. Dodge came over to me and showed me a couple of boards that included numerous full CG shots of a chase scene that was supposed to be the high part of the first episode.

The worst part is over and I've been busy scanning some forums regarding a rival show that aired at the same time ours did. I didn't imagine people would involve themselves, much less post their reactions and engage in heated ramblings.

We hoped to have pushed the ante a bit further with this, I'm pretty sure the industry took notice. Everyone's silent about it. I'll see if I can upload the vid over at youtube.


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