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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Short Lull

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Some minor monkeywrenches got thrown my way:
  • Internet connection was momentarily stopped so I had to apply for another line and will sit for two weeks before I can run amok virtually again.
  • Currently nursing stuffy nose and teary eyes since battling with a menacing flu and sinusitis the last couple of days, and this was AFTER my right hand suddenly just managed to sprain itself without explanation. All's well anyway, now that I've confirmed my resources are ok I can finally drop off the metal chunks laying inside my van since Monday and get work started on the vertical bender right away. Also, ordering the angle level from a local supplier and buying new heavy tools.
  • Finally found a reliable supplier of all the sheet and metal stuff needed for the shop's dry run. This was an answer to my plea after my inquiry was turned down by someone whom I thought would be kind enough to point me to the right direction. No problem though. I've met these kind before when I was still a newbie at work: be on the same field as they are and you're a threat. So they tend to throw the bone in some other direction to mislead you. Alas, resilience, patience, perseverance and stubborn will always wins in the end. I'm aiming for innovation and perfection, not numbers.
Hoping I can clear the health bill come 27th for the ride up north, not to mention a pending submission on the 29th.. Ahhh thank You for keeping me busy and giving me work. The coming year is off to a great start.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hardcore Brothers @ Uzziah Bar :: 11.27.08

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The sky was clear, the wind was still, and then everything rumbled from hereon. Hardcore Brothers Custom hosted Bike Night at (look above) - a small place situated in front of a plaza along Malate. Bikes began streaming in since 8PM after we arrived, and since all of us haven't had dinner yet, we decided to scour the streets - ending up at Pizza Hut along the boulevard. A decent meal and quite a leg stretch after, the plaza was already lined up with the stars of the evening. I think everyone was also surprised at the turnout. Making Jimmy's invite one for the books. Where else would you find the best bikes in the metro parked in one place?

I think Jimmy himself didn't anticipate quite a turnout, which was too much for the small joint to handle. The wristband ticket ran out after a hundred entries. I think I even saw the waiters selling beer outside. Everyone was huddled outside the plaza instead of the inside Uzziah - which was great, the bikes were in full view of everyone. The evening turned out rather to be an exhibit of sorts that it became hard where to look first. Most of the crowd knew everyone else, it was a gathering of different groups from all over.
Crotch rockets and cruisers sharing one space under a clear night sky. What else can you ask for? Ok so the oggling women and children did mingle, but who were we to mind them? Although there were lots of crap littering the place, and from the looks of it, they're human crap. Condolences to those rubbers that happen to run over some.

Although I did promise myself I'd snap some photos of the Castrol Bike - sraight out of the HBC garage. It was "bheeed eeehsss" so to speak. Really funky. Extended downtubes, extended backbone, rigid chassis, long tank, the Mity Mike pipes were a doozy. Everything on the bike was a step above the norm. I am pleased to see pinoys coming out with this kind of accomplishment.
Great to see a work of art for the night. Couldn't stay past the 12MN mark, Gil had to accompany us up till coastal and ride back to oversee of the rest who stayed behind to enjoy the evening further. All in all, it was great riding with the group again, jamming with the noisies and thanking the hand above for blessing us with a safe and clear evening.

Here were the eye candies:
Great night Jimmy. Props for pulling everything together. Hardcore Brothers Custom is at Bagtikan, Makati. HBC EasyRide airs every Sunday 11:30AM at Studio 23. Oh, and thanks to the Dog who allowed me to take a picture of his vest. Really courteous guy. Laterz.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Record Set

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Sooner or later you come across a seemingly small thing, but the more you take a closer look the more you start to understand, having your ass severely rocked for a full 1197 kilometers in just a little over an earth's worth of full rotation is no small feat. On scoots even.


Read the exhilarating ordeal >here<.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bike Night

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Jimmy Barinaga and the rest of the HARDCORE BROTHERS crew will be hosting an all out fun evening this Thursday, November 27, at Uzziah Resto Bar, 560 Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila. Parking won't be a problem as the entire lot is reserved solely for two wheels - excluding trolleys. Expect the place to twinkle with chrome and the ground to rumble.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Circa 2007

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Found this stashed in my old files. Amazing how a single photo can speak a lot to one's person. Here's to the good old times - and to moving forward. Vamos para frente!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Gaboon Sissybar

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Crafted from an original design out of the Williestreet Choppers scrapbook. Hidden bracing and lines that flow well with my "300" fender. Aptly fashioned after its namesake, the Gaboon sissybar is everything your bike isn't ready for. Out this December 2008.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Blip On The Line

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It didn't take more than about 30 seconds after I sent out a text barrage for last night's ride that a knock came at the glass door of the office. It just so happened to be one of the guy's I sent out an invitation to, and I was finally able to meet Dante, the ghost who I only catch a glimpse of zipping in front of our office now and then. Thanks for the visit brutha. Sorry you couldn't stay longer to meet Cicero, who was by the way ripping through south to meet up as we spoke. I'll see what I can come up with regarding the brass blings and finally do some serious riding like we've always wished, and yeah you can throw in some longboard sessions too. That'd be nice going back to my roots. Advance greetings on the baby man :)

Returning to our old haunt was a welcome break from the usual flatline. Haven't had real time away from the monitor lately coz I'm swamped to my airbox shuffling work and family. Getting updates from lives outside mine gives me a different perspective on what I should be thankful for. Went home after a short noise barrage around Makati. Too tired to even change out of my clothes and just slept on the floor. Leaving 5am for Ateneo to assist with the mat transfers for today's Dominacao at SM Marikina with my old jiujitsu teammates. Thanks for keeping me busy :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Must Have This In Your Stash

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Finally the long sought for memo is released. Brutha Spike from PhilMC was only too kind enough to let the fan fly on this one. Section 7 is one of your defense. Click. Print. Ride. Distribute.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Some Serious Shiet..

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After coming from my steel supplier this big humongous truck was parked in front of my house. Turns out Maynilad had scheduled me for a free sucking off. So this big big hose was snaking through the shop floor going to the dining and out the back where the septic was. Cool. Haven't seen this nice contraption, was used to this dilapidated and rusty truck with an oval tank that says "Shit Sucker". It was done in about a good hour, and I can go on with the plan for the day. Seems the weather had this nasty habit of sucking you into thinking its a nice and sunny day. Well it rained heavy this afternoon, just like it did yesterday at more or less the same hour. Blessed rain for the earth. With Helmet blasting in the background, I laid out some lean beads. Some sucked, some were fine. Did some minor tests before moving on to the real thing. At least the bead aesthetics is progressing. Welding TIG takes time to really get used to. I had to go through countless sucky beads before finding my pulse.

Hope to complete this one by end of this month. I only lack a few minor parts and holders and finally, I'm off to start some serious shit. Incidentally, how many times did I use the word "suck"? A few pointers I learned from welding less than 2mms: stainless tend to warp when heated, so its best to, starting from the rear post, weld beginning from both edges about half an inch, then do the front side to let the rear part cool. Alternating between sections as opposed to welding in a straight line will save you trouble. Weld, check center, hammer if you must, let cool, and weld again. Hah! Now if I could only redo my mistake. Thank goodness for adjustable casters.


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