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Sunday, August 31, 2008

BoulevardBoyz 6th Anniversary At Takaakis Bar

11 yakittyyaks
I slept the day off starting 8AM after a long night of designing some shop tools, anticipating that giddy feeling I always get whenever I know we'd ride that night. I just thought of sleeping it off instead of going through the day unable to contain myself. The 6th year anniversary of the BoulevardBoyz held at Takaakis bar along Macapagal would mark a night where you get to see different types of bad ass bikes hiding in the metro come out to converge into one pool, and different prominent clubs all sitting under one roof. This is what separates this crowd from the rest of the motorcycle community. The rebellious and alienated image of a leather clad guy on a very loud and big piece of chrome in twisted form. There's an inexplicable enigma surrounding these individuals that really makes you stare when they stop beside you at a light - and they don't even bother to look at you. I ignore other people when I'm at a stop. I don't know why. But only on rare cases do I turn my head to look at my surroundings when I'm at a light.

Mad Dog, Road Brothers, Haroorot, Spear, NOS, and well, of course BoulevardBoyz - to name a few. I expected something big for this occasion from these fellows and they didn't disappoint. Takaakis is spacious inside, you wouldn't expect it judging from the small entrance. Has an enclosed lounge upstairs for those allergic to cigar smoke - and when bikers like these gather expect your eyes to burn - high stage, upper deck, uhm.. what else.. I didn't get to visit the rest room because I didnt avail of the free 2 beers in the tab. Actually they weren't free, coz I paid P200 to get in. Not bad, considering the fun I had watching the crowd ogle the small bikini open pageant. (Sorry, kids do read blogs these days) and some good bands to boot.

Since there weren't any mention of food (do not expect food at a gathering like this) we went out just across to the wet market. This was my first time to visit the place. It's a great concept, two rows of restaurants, with a wet market in the middle, you order or do your groceries, and you have your items cooked. Saw this on TV once. Nice idea. Wait. I think I already went here once, but that was because I had to retrieve my license from the.. screw that.. anyway, P1200 for a dinner for 5 and a full tummy afterwards is a fair deal. I had corned beef with eggs and buttered garlic rice. There goes my after 5 plan.. The lomi was great though :) We didn't think the party would start anytime earlier so we took our time and ate in peace. Burped a bit and went back.

It was a veritable sea of cruisers and choppers out in the parking lot. All custom. From chromed to flamed to raw to hand-made. The only way you can tell which were new is when you see it in stock form. Still I can't get enough of walking around and snapping away - most of which would be stupid to post here.

What caught my attention were the crew of trikes parked near the entrance of the parking lot.

The amount of creativity and handiwork they put into these beasts floors me. You'd really have to bend down just to appreciate the details. It's like a small stripped down car - actually most of them have car engines - but wicked in another sense. The springer forks, all done by hand. I'd wish to be overtaken by a school of these in the highways, only to watch them command the road. Any car would really give way I bet.

We decided not to test the weather tonight and cruise far into the metro for the evening as originally planned. Drops began to fall and thunder was rumbling in the far distance. It did rain in some parts this afternoon, and going home wet is not a good way to close the evening. So its parting ways for now.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gotta Love 'Em

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Two of the most beautiful sounds on earth.
A Panhead and a Shovel.



Monday, August 25, 2008


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In an effort to cater to the ever growing demand (naks..) - ok let me start over. Nothing better to do tonight than doodle and scavenge around the net for new features to throw into this page. I'm told most viewers don't even take the time to leave messages mainly because they're either too lazy to log in or don't have a blogger log in.

Enter the Shoutbox. (there.. over to your right and down.. see it?) An ancient concept really. Enter your name - unless you're still too darn lazy to do so, and leave a message. Why? Because it paints a smile to my face and gives warmth to my heart. Who wouldn't want a visit from their neighbors every once in a while?

Solicitors not allowed.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another Night At The Strip

7 yakittyyaks
It was late when Gil called me up and invited me over at Macapagal just to take advantage of a clear night while the stars were out. It rained early this evening just as there was a scheduled get together at the Fort. So I thought I'd be spending the night at home in peace - but, I'm always looking for an excuse to ride - and this was a good one. I forgot that Saturday was a marked day in every racer's calendar to head on over to this infamous strip where paper bricks are laid down and you let your machine do the talking for you.

As always when you hang around Shell Macapagal past 12MN on a Saturday night you get to see different personalities. Machine-wise, that is. This is just a small fun run, with side bets, and the anticipation leading to the square off just made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on end.

So its these two beasts that are up against each other tonight, and during the dry run you already know who'll smoke who. The roads and u-turns are momentarily blocked, and for a brief moment all eyes are locked unto this small strip of concrete playing host to this modern joust. The Suzuki's high-pitch scream is deafening, and will literally shake your eardrums. I got dizzy just following this bike as it whizzed past me during practice. The R1 was already hitting the red line while the GSXr's front wheel is still high off the ground. Best of 3. 2 straight wins for the Zuki. The long wait was worth it. We split even before we got caged in by incoming racers in souped up Civics and whatnots.


Incidentally on September 7 of this year, Inside Racing will hold a track day at the Carmona Racing Circuit to educate racers about the hazards of racing on the streets. For the full article head on over to Inside Racing.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cartwheel to Faceplant

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One of those videos that you just can't resist not posting.
Boogie beat me to the Star Rangers.. dammit..

Well, so much for the funky intro..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hot In Here

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I used to wonder what it would be like to wear a Darth Vader helmet when I blast through EDSA, but that's yesterday's news. Now this - is awesome.

Doubles as a deadly weapon in case you come across an unhappy beer-bellied-toothpicking-unshaven-window-spitting-lane-cutting-no-signal-turning PUV driver along the way.

How hot would it be inside anyway?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sooner Or Later

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Moonwalk over at Parañaque may have been once a lake 2,000 years ago.

Then they made a subdivision out of it. Whichever way you choose to get to it when it pours:
  • Via Multi - flood on both access roads - thigh high.
  • Via Bicutan - flood at Arandia.
  • Via Merville service road -flood - knee high.
  • If you do get past the service road via toll gate, Buensuceso - flood - thigh high.
Talk about living in a catch basin. Even the entrance to our street gets flooded just below the knee. We're almost always boxed in when it rains. Either you can't get home, or you can't get out. But I'd take water anytime compared to snow.

I made the mistake of trusting the sunny afternoon weather and took the bike to work, only to come home soaking, tired and hungry after a 3 and a half hour trip home in what usually was a 50 minute ride. I don't have a problem riding in the rain, but I did make a wise call stopping under Caltex Boni for about a hour of Sudoku before hauling ass. Only to be stumped again down south. Now I know how Billy Lane felt when he said, "so near and yet so far."

I should've just stayed in the office and slept it off I thought. But.. I'm home now typing this with sand all over my back and behind my ears. A nice warm bath is a nice idea. Wait, I just remembered I have no water heater.

Now my chucks are all soggy and crunchy at the same time. Time to clean up the brute, scrub the rubbers and blowdry the wirings.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Changing Times - Part II

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With illegal apprehensions left and right it only takes a small while for some noble souls to stand up and fight for what's simply right. I've heard before that the government is there for the good of the people, and that laws were made to protect its citizens. But now more and more stupid people are finding their way into prime seats in high places and passing out laws destined for the trash bin. The last episode found a few hundred bikers communing over at the MMDA office in EDSA to stand against the plate number on helmet proposal. But I believe this certain predicament calls for a more mature approach - via the same law that is being applied. The new anti-modification law has more holes than a large sized mosquito net, something that some of us who know the law can exploit as a way to trash the said proposal permanently. (As we speak some turds are already abusing the largely gray law - that wasn't by the way passed by coordinating with the affected public and parties..)

Posted over at

A Call For A Motorcycle Rights Organization

(Group Name) is a motorcyclists’ rights organization dedicated to preserving individual liberties and biker rights. (Group Name) works to increase motorcycle awareness among motorists. (Group Name) works to educate concerned citizens how to effectively impact the legislative process. (Group Name) encourages bikers to become politically active in their communities.

As an individual, you can help by joining (Group Name) and actively lobbying your elected officials in the ongoing struggle against legislation that would rob you of motorcycle and individual freedom in the Philippines.

(Group Name) is non-partisan and welcomes all riders and friends of liberty and freedom.

By joining (Group Name), you can be part of a grassroots biker political power that has come together to oppose anti-motorcycling legislation and to promote the implementation of programs that will help preserve motorcycling and our lifestyle.

Then we will put in an application for members who will commit to this cause.

Not that this is being promoted already by MCPF and MCP, but memberships shall comprise of a group to group basis as well as individual memberships.

After a core group has been activated and registered with the SEC, our first role will be to find as much info as we can to prepare a TRO against the AO that was recently released by the LTO on motorcycle modifications. Our next agenda is to get each club and organization to sign up and assign a representative who will participate in meetings and information dissemination about our progress.

We will also use this group to start with re-educating our riders about their motorcycles and teaching them the basic laws for all motorists.

We will also serve as a general populous geared up to eliminate corruption on the government offices and on the streets by reporting and taking photographic evidence of illegal activities such as "kotong" or "lagay".

Finally, we will seek the support and sponsorship from freedom rights groups, political figures, tv, radio and print corporations who can contribute to our cause. We will also try to get manufacturers and motorcycle businesses involved by showing them how injustices and anti-motorcycle legislatives can affect them and their businesses.

As far as the first meeting is concerned, I would like to start this asap and I was thinking of gathering the first group this week for a small get together to gather contact information for each and to talk about the first issue in our agenda which is the "modifications" rule as indicated on the AO released recently.

Any feedback and input will be greatly appreciated and I would also like to invite all interested parties to get involved starting with the clubs and organizations around Manila and it's neighboring cities and provinces.

I would also like to call on jdfvrooom on this so he can share with us his plan to set up the unified motorcycle congress.

Also, I would like to call on Don_pangan to en light us further on their plans for the motorcade and the group he's representing.

Let us join our hands and fight for our rights.

Thank you!

You may contact me via email:
Cellfone: 09152941987

For a background course on the issue hop on over to

Boulevard Boyz 6th Year Bash

0 yakittyyaks

The Boulevard Boyz will be holding their 6th year anniversary and they've sent out word inviting everyone over at TAKAAKIS Bar and Resto, HK Sun Plaza at Macapagal on the 30th of August. Bike show, babes in a bikini open, booze of course.. whatever you fancy.

For entrance tickets including 2 beers - 09228774640 and 09284795940.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Changing Times - Part I

0 yakittyyaks
It's been raining for two days now. Although I don't have problems with rain it does suck having to clean up afterwards. I usually pass by a pack of other riders sheltered under the MRT emergency spaces and I get stares most specially when its pouring. I only had to ride wet to the office once, the rain overtaking me 15 minutes from my stop. But going home in the rain? Bliss.

For one thing, no pigs on the road. Speaking of which, a dark shadow is looming over the entire motorcycle riding community. The blessed Land Transportation Office is passing out new laws regarding what they think to be of benefit to those on two wheels. A few of them are understandable, but a lot remains in question. Moreso that these same questionable pointers are being implemented on hapless individuals who don't have an inkling of why their licenses are being confiscated in the first place. For instance, it is against the law to wear shorts and slippers while riding. (Yeah, and it's always a bother to peek inside a cager to check if they're wearing slippers on their way to work or leisure). I've always thought riders wearing shorts and slippers plying EDSA and main roads suck. Frown magnets.

Yes, bite me. Is it that hard to wear shoes nowadays? I suppose these people have only one pair of pants and they're hung up to dry that day. I mean, let's put safety on the side for a minute. What's your first impression if a group of Hell's Angels on fat ass Harleys with their bearded mugs, heavy black leather jacket and pants studded with spikes and skulls, dark glasses, heavy tattoos, pierced faces and scantily clad back rides came thundering down along side you on the road? Scary? Horrific? Tell Junior to get inside and roll up the window? Would you even care to greet them or let alone throw a smile their way? Or would it be easier to just slow down and give way? - what happened here? They left you with an impression that theys are not to be messed with. They scare the crap out of you. I'd love to see any TMG/PNP checkpoint even dare stop these packs - (if ever they do exist here..)

Point is, slippers and shorts have their proper place, and on a motorcycle is not one of them. Who gives me the right to think such things? One, myself as an individual, and two, the cage riding community whose idea of a motorcycle on the road is a nuisance and a menace. One word I've heard from such is people on xrm type motorcyles are "cheap", ergo, they must be on the lowest rung of the human life form. I thought, "Now, how on earth did they ever arrive at such a conclusion?" The answer I got was "they couldn't even afford to wear simple shoes and pants." OK, I rest my case. Where's my white flag?

While all this may seem to be just banter, every individual exerts an influence on another individual, whether intentionally or not. Look at a person, and you form an impression. Follow road rules, you create an impression. Break it, you also create an impression. Dress right, you create an impression. Dress cheap, likewise. You reap what you sow. So how does this apply to the new laws? Since bike riders are "cheap" individuals, it's so easy to single them out with stupid laws that take away from the common rights of an individual rather than protect them. Laws are there to protect the people, not milk them for every penny. So Juan gets his license taken and is slapped a P2,500 fine, nothing to do now but go home and rant in the MCP forums.

Hundreds or riders are being raped everyday by the very people we are paying to protect us. Go figure. I'm getting hungry. I can't believe I wrote this.


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