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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Short Lull

0 yakittyyaks
Some minor monkeywrenches got thrown my way:
  • Internet connection was momentarily stopped so I had to apply for another line and will sit for two weeks before I can run amok virtually again.
  • Currently nursing stuffy nose and teary eyes since battling with a menacing flu and sinusitis the last couple of days, and this was AFTER my right hand suddenly just managed to sprain itself without explanation. All's well anyway, now that I've confirmed my resources are ok I can finally drop off the metal chunks laying inside my van since Monday and get work started on the vertical bender right away. Also, ordering the angle level from a local supplier and buying new heavy tools.
  • Finally found a reliable supplier of all the sheet and metal stuff needed for the shop's dry run. This was an answer to my plea after my inquiry was turned down by someone whom I thought would be kind enough to point me to the right direction. No problem though. I've met these kind before when I was still a newbie at work: be on the same field as they are and you're a threat. So they tend to throw the bone in some other direction to mislead you. Alas, resilience, patience, perseverance and stubborn will always wins in the end. I'm aiming for innovation and perfection, not numbers.
Hoping I can clear the health bill come 27th for the ride up north, not to mention a pending submission on the 29th.. Ahhh thank You for keeping me busy and giving me work. The coming year is off to a great start.


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