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Monday, August 31, 2009

Drake's New Nostrils

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Shad's Virago400 has been sheepishly hibernating in the shop for quite some time now (my apologies brudah..) due to glitches in my horrid schedule, which one time included a 5AM departure for Hong Kong to deliver files for a film and back again 10PM that same night, and overseeing a deadline for a movie release this September. (no, I don't promote my works..)

That said, the very first day I got to free myself from the dungeons of the looney bin I started work on Drake's old air-box, or something that resembles neolithic phallic art. Anyway, drafts in CAD and a mock-up proved daunting at first, yet fruitful in the end.

The old whatnot above and the new WSC designed air stack.

Stainless steel construction with screened dual separate chambers for each intake.
Here it is handsomely mounted. Credit goes to Ed for the flared pipe ends.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bike Lift

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It's really a pain in the back rolling into a ball when you have to get underneath your repairs, anyway, what's a shop without a lift? CAD plans for a jack version.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


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I have a very bad tendency to forget. Sometimes I get lost in the zen of my hand on the throttle that I get careless. This doesn't mean I get into anything, but I can probably count several close calls that would've ended in a nasty spill. Cabs, jeeps, trucks and buses for instance. I keep myself in check by following a strange ritual of watching these. Speeding on two wheels is risky - fatal risky. There is only a tiny bit of margin allowed for error. In some cases in the video, it's when you don't expect something to happen that something DOES happen. Be thankful you're watching this instead of people watching you IN this.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cafe de Lipa

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This is a shameless plug for the establishment that hosts our weekly therapies. Cafe de Lipa over at Petron, Macapagal has been gracious towards our noise and our riots. The pretty lady who minds the bar deserves a spot. Now you can ask your boss for a raise. This is a simple thank you.

Although a free smoothie won't hurt either..


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This bike is being revived in Noel's shop from an old beat-up to how it looks today. He fabbed everything else after throwing away the non essentials. Far from stock and headed in the right direction, the freon canister gas tank would rock. Can't wait to see it done and blasting. Fab away brudah.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot Seats

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Genuine West Eagle heavy steel seats. Ready to sew slots for leatherwork. Springs and hinge bolts. P2K in raw steel form. Your ass will love you for it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Part 3 :: The Backdoor Pass :: 08.15.09

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Part 2 :: The Hidden Goldmine :: 08.15.09

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I've always believed the best items you're looking for can't be found in the yellow pages or forum ads. It's in the darkest of alleys and in the most unusual places. In this case, a turn to a dirt road coming from a traffic ladden stretch and unto a sandy trail, brings you to an obscure local shop. Its precious stash hidden beneath a humble roof. I was about to take a springer-worthy triple tree for just a thousand bucks. It slipped my mind when we rode off. What the eff was I thinking leaving that behind.. Nuff' said. Now we know the place. Just take a gander for now.


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