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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Horny Bars

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For lack of a better name. Sawn in half by Ed and brought here to be stitched inverted. Still have to cut out that ugly bridge that used to hold the tach and moolahs. That base looks fugly too. I think that has to go as well. Didn't get to snap pics when I mocked them up on Brutus but he's shouting "I want a haircut!!" with these. NOW they're bars. Looks nasty.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Frank's Up

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Hang em up..Got the frame just this afternoon from the shop after it was already assembled last night down to the wires.

Jan obviously didn't get informed that I needed the bare frame so he had to dismantle everything he'd done. Saw the slick engine already just waiting for a home to squeeze into, all the while thinking if the jig would hold true to its specs. Hauled the trees, main frame and swing arm before heading on to Luigi's for a small huddle with Gil regarding some situation at home. He looked fine. He's getting another tattoo (daym, that's the 6th within the month man) after treating us to a sackful of barbecue and cheese Tater's. I'm supposed to be scheduled for inking tomorrow - whole right arm - chest to wrist. Hope my schedule clears.

Looks promising from here. Lots of rust and plaque from being kept way too long but other than that the frame is sitting inside the jig perfectly, is in good condition and primed for major alteration. Design already approved and all systems go. NOS will sponsor the bike build. All Frank needs to do is take it for a spin a month from now.

Gimme something impossible to work with.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Feet

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Forward controls fabricated by Noel of NOS. Same ones I welded a while back and Ed had them chromed. These beauties come in raw kit form.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Try Sitting On This

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Took three days to cook up this sucker. Yet still in progress but it works great and feels exhilarating getting out of first gear, twisting the throttle, hearing that rev and.. clickity click.. shift to second gear with an ass scratching motion. It's just sick.

I had to reinforce another layer of links over the first as there was slack, my guess is from the quality of the chain, which wasn't raw iron. I probably scored mild steel. Anyhow it's a bit stiff on the downshift, still have to figure out the correct angling of the linker but none the less it pushes the bike forward till it's yakkity yakk yakk yakkity - nuff said..

To quote a famous builder's words: "I don't give a *woot* if its uncomfortable as long as it looks wicked."

This is phase one. Solely for Brutus'. I've already designed a modified and commercially viable solution should anyone be dorkish enough to have me make one for them. Who would anyhow? Next up on the list, internal throttle for my super low inverted narrow bars. Help me stop..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chain Link Suicide Shifter

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This setup cost me a lot less if I'd shop for a commercially available lever, and that means having someone else own an exact duplicate. Tigging this was enjoyable. It puddles well and resists bending after. I didn't need to do stress tests as the only pressure it needs to worry about is a deft flick of the wrist. I tried bending it manually, flexes a bit but nothing more.

Still at a loss whether to just black it all over or chrome it. Black chrome would be great. Hmm.. a thousand bucks a pop just to have this crap plated. There must be some other way. I'm also in a hurry to finish this thing as I don't want Brutus hibernating too much and miss all that sunshine. Have to take advantage of the clear weather before the rains come. I was thinking of a skull knob but everyone else has one already. Settled for a cheaper, sicker alternative.

The extra links come in handy as custom grips. As it is, the lever looks thin and lacking. Feels good when you close your hand around it. Looks like a spear headed sperm from here. Purely unintentional. Primer gray and ready for chrome.

Will visit a friend tomorrow for the final rig on the bike to set this sucker up and finally running. A locally made suicide shift bike. Nice.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


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No. Not the fatal kind. A week of nothing to do spurs me to think of ways to make my time productive and move forward. This is the stock 11'' shift joint whittled down to barely four inches. Just the right size for the suicide shift + clutch that had me occupied the rest of the day.

Didn't get to ride with the boys this afternoon. Hope they had a great time. And for a bit of good trivia a new member of NOS is also on the way. Cheerios :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Something New

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I was fighting another bout of flu yesterday, stretching up till tonight, but I thought I needed the wind to freshen things up a bit. After finishing the remodeling of the tube bender this afternoon I felt tonight would be a good night to ride out.

Met two good fellows Manuel and Marc through an online chat and it was cool to hit three birds with one stone. I had to be there to introduce the guys to Gil's.. er.. backride. Marc is a long time link buddy and correspondence via Retro-Manila, I just met Manuel a few days ago and they were considering doing a session with cruisers. An honor really for picking NOS - Ei, what can I say? The boys have taste.

Anyway, we finally get to meet, the boys got their model, and the model got a break. I didn't get to go with them to check out John's shop for the Friday shoot, but I'll try be there for the main event >:} click click..

After this week passes, the materials for the frame I'm building comes in, along with the springer fork project, and my new "Narrlow Bars". Can't wait. Till then.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Saki Brutus 145cc

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Somewhere on the far side of the moon, one of Macapagal's Raider community's terror dwells. Plus I just had to shoot this snazzy sidecar conversion. Immediately a sense of local pride swept over me as only Filipinos can make something both functional and funky at the same time.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Morbid Tattoo Shop:: April.04.09

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Luigi's shop is just beside the cinema over at the 2nd floor Cash and Carry Mall South Super Highway corner Filmore Street and Emilia street Barangay Palanan Makati City Philippines
CALL OR TEXT FOR APPOINTMENTS at (+632) 986 38 04 / +639053136545

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Version 2.0

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It was great the first few days, but the high pitched rev suddenly annoyed me and so I thought I'd do something about it. It sounded like a mini version of Cicero's, but it suited his 600 well compared to my 400. The short rear pipes were the culprit, sounding more like bubbles underwater. Since the old stocks were just lying around in the garage I hacked it on both ends and attached it to the ends of the new pipes, but all it needed was the rear exhaust being serviced by the 4mm pipe inside the stock and the familiar growl returned. The thicker stock also made the puddle flow better than the thinner ones. Ending with elbow bends blowing sideways, damn nice.

Another afternoon well spent.


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