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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slimming Down

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Skinny bars for Dante's Sporty.
24" wide - 8" base - 10" high -4.5" pullback = sweet handling.

(Well I did have to test em so don't laugh.)

You win bro. I'm a convert. I'm going in the opposite direction of chrome and custom. Converting my apes to low and skinny bars, high Frisco pegs, and finally, given enough courage, I'm slicing my tank in half to take out 4 inches in between. So that's why I found Special79's creations so damn beautiful. And yeah, Basara MC's article stuck real good too. This particular group spoke about what's been playing in my head ever since and is on the same level with my ideals.

Photos lifted off Church Of Choppers and Attack Choppers
Here's an excerpt from the No Future Krew in Tokyo. They ride fast. Really fast.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Evening Guest

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My head was pretty messed up the whole day. It's like being draped under a wet blanket of tangible stress. I was melancholic. And loving it.

Riding has always provided me with a means of escape from my everyday train of thoughts. Tonight I brought home a guest with a minor nostril issue. Cicero's prized steed. Doodling with metal, particularly welding, was also a welcome treat. There was a clean break from the previous weld, right down the middle of the puddle itself. It looked pretty nasty but there was the challenge staring at me in the face. After I donned my armor it took a short but sweet while to sew the brace back on.

Also met a new soul, Jun at our usual haunt at Cafe Lipa. Too bad I didn't bring my camera. He had his gorgeous VMax with him fresh from a wheel change, (, P1500 for front and wheel installation..? That doesn't include actual tire change, which is a separate charge. Geez.. it pays to know where to go when in need of things. That labor wouldn't cost more than P150.) A quick zip around Mall of Asia and I bid Brutus good night at Gil's shop. He needs new shoes what with all the threads in his old tires showing up.

The night is long and dragging - and peaceful. Something to be thankful for despite all the chaos in my head.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Autonight @ Teletech :: May.22.09

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The following were sent in through email. Credit goes to the official photographer.


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