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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Deep?

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It's the same story from almost everyone. Amazing stories of chest high floods in most areas and over-the-bus-roof scenes around the metro. In one quick instant, people were reminded of their frailty - of how we foolishly lie to ourselves everyday that "Nah, that ain't gonna happen to me.." Not one soul would dare say "this was expected, I was prepared." Hollywood has done its part in numbing us to such scenes of disaster and conflict. We think it's just in the movies. God says "that's what you think.."

While the stories of last Saturday might go on and on for a month from now, it would be wise to think about where we really are as a people. Boasting to be strongly religious, the Philippines stands among its neighboring countries as the only "Christian" nation proud in its heritage of customs and traditions - without really nothing to show for.

Politicians cannot let the checks go without cameras flashing. Our religion is in church attendance, and in minding our own business. It is four miles wide but one inch deep. It is in apathy. It is in pointing the finger at everyone but ourselves. It is in being judgmental. It is in pleasure. It is in indulgence. It is in eating much. It is in getting even. It is in acquiring much. It is in gossip. It is in fashion. It is in sexual preference. It is in parental disrespect. It is in abuse of authority. It is in walking in our own way.

Would it be any wonder why the person who praises God today because he won the multi-million lotto would be the same one to curse Him because he lost his house and entire family the next day?

Maybe God was calling all along and we just refused by living out our everyday life in security?
Maybe no one really regarded or cared less?
Maybe it was easier to curse someone than to forgive a grave offense?
Maybe we turned our back on His own terms and would have nothing personal to do with Him?
Maybe He just gave us what we wanted all along?
Maybe He laughed at our calamity or when what we fear most came along? When we were distressed and in anguish? Yes, even at this time?
Maybe because we wanted to run things on our own terms - according to how we understood them - instead of how He would have it?
Maybe because of that He turns a deaf ear to the cries of the family sinking in the flood, to the same people who assume they knew Him well?
Or maybe because we flat out really hated His terms?
Counsel anyone? "How to do things the right way for dummies" anyone?
Maybe we are eating the fruit of our own garden, our own doing, our own devices?
Maybe our so-called "prosperity" is our own down fall? Ever notice how you don't seem to need help when you can do things on your own?
Maybe there really is a way to live everyday deeply rooted in truth after all? Does anyone care to even know or ask how? "I came, I attended, I'm done." "Who cares?" "Who gives an eff?"

Ah, man. What a troubled little creature. Refusing to see the invisible things that matter most.

The sun shines and the rains fall on both the good and wicked, both the believing and unbelieving, the poor and the rich, the caring and the apathetic, the godly and the atheist. In everything that happens to us, whether good or bad, there is really no one else answerable than the one reading this. The universal rule: We reap what we sow.

We "do". Nature answers. Nature never fails to surprise us, because we really don't know the nature of Nature. Or maybe we just don't know the reason why we were born in the first place?

Friday, September 25, 2009


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Made contact with someone who can provide me with a lathe that's ultra cheapo but funds are crawling for now. Also making preparations to set up shop somewhere in Sucat. Anyway, this came in tonight but my darn head seems too big that it sits on top instead of wrapping around it. I'm used to wearing something with my ears out. Hearing things muffled will take getting used to.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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Looks like fun! Would want to try this sometime soon ;>
Lifted off from Bolts Action blog.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Frisco'd :: Ending

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I couldn't help but think everything I needed to setup my midcontrols was right under my nose. Salvageable from the very part I wanted to replace. I should have started on it months ago.

The shaft that ran from the foot brake down to the first pivot was 2 inches over. Cut. Weld. Bend to the right angle. Pushes and functions like before. Nice. I was supposed to go to the boys for some help with the acetylene but after redoing the studies, it was more efficient to have the foot lever closer to the peg: less down travel, quicker response.

Cutting the bent portion off saved me time and unnecessary expenses. I still managed to preserve the bend upward by cutting into the bent portion and re-welding it to the main instead. I decided to leave the tig weld as it is and not grind it out, makes it look more hand-made. Doing everything in-house permits you to make sudden changes and last minute refinements.

A 3-inch tube with a socket wrench bit shoved into it finished the lever. Still found use for my old generic rubber grips, slid it on and used it for cover. Fits well too.

It functions perfectly. To chrome or not to chrome? Looks ratty in its raw form. I'd probably just clear coat it after grinding the scales off. All that's left is to road test it. Wet roads, alas..

Sunday, September 06, 2009


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Phase 1 of the quick afternoon streak. More tomorrow.

Don't have my own acetylene setup yet so I'd knock on the boys to straighten this sucker out for me. The old meat tenderizer foot peg has to go. Would probably replace it with a size 18 socket wrench? Brutus couldn't wait.

Nearing Finish

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


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