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Monday, December 27, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010


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It's been a year of waiting, opportunities, lessons, new friends, gone friends, doors opening, doors closing, remembering, laying down, connecting, disconnecting.. everyone's own story wrapped up in a big book. Thank you to everyone who visited, browsed around, left a mark, and made contact through this blog. In the least sense of the word we've come to know each other through this small window we all call the monitor, and shared something much much bigger and hopefully lasting.

Keep rolling safely ahead. From all of us here at NOS.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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Deserving Gift

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I had no idea getting a bike some years back would affect my life's course and steer it towards a major direction. It complimented my person in a positive way. Made me feel really great lots of times when all I had left was the solitude of the open road.

A good friend of mine is in a pivotal mark in his life right now. With new avenues looming on the horizon, this Drifter is nothing short of a well-timed answer. Today he takes this beauty home, clean and pristine. Assisted him on his maiden ride till he got the hang of it. Let's shred that sucka soon brutha. Thanks Kat.


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


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There were times I enjoyed Jason's company so much I used to think how it would be like if he happens to ship out again. He works in a luxury cruise ship as a senior photographer and is gone for 6 months at a time. He was scheduled to leave this week again, barely a month after he got here. As fate would have it some dental problems marred that date and pushed it till next week. He maintains he needs go out about two more times just to save enough money to finally put up a business of his own.

Jason frequently comes by my office past midnight, either he just keeps me company by browsing the net behind me, or hustling an hour or so doing some boxing and kickboxing. He even bought his own gloves just for that. We would do our rounds in Makati. Sometimes even riding as far as ABS-CBN in Quezon City at unholy hours. Yeah, here and there. Stopping over for some chow at KFC past 2AM. Hit the short distance again from EDSA Buendia all the way up to Magallanes before splitting home by 4AM. This sure made my monotonous daily blips more bearable, knowing a friend would be dropping by when my body clock peaks.

My bike broke down along EDSA just before Santolan station while we were doing our run to QC and back last Thursday, October 21. It was past 1:45AM then. Jason went fast ahead I had trouble catching up before finally stalling. He was already at GMA when he gave me a call. Turned back and circled all the way to Shaw before making the turn again going north to my spot. He kept me company for more than an hour before my tow truck came. This actually happened twice. Another incident actually, when my throttle cable snapped and he had to baby sit me under the drizzle before help came. We joked around that his ass was probably jinxed. Shit happens when we ride. But good shit, that is.

You get to have real good talk when you have all the time to wait something out. Talk that becomes part of you both.

Today at 2PM Jason is scheduled to undergo surgery to have his pelvic bones braced on the inside. It split clean from the sacrum, and got fractured in some places. His bike smashed the tail end of a vehicle making a left turn from the opposite lane crossing his path, throwing him more than 20 feet. To add insult to injury, the fothermucker bolted the scene. The good 'ol hit & run bit. Every man for himself. And the only suspect that the responding cop happens to hold managed to slip inside a passing taxi. More of that later as the story unfolds.

What matters for now is Jason's recovery. Regardless of how he met this accident, the main thing is for the people who care to get together and pull for Jason. Its difficulties like these that close a lot of minds, and at the same time open new avenues for stronger ties. Tragedies are there only to reveal your true character: be it a coward, a quitter, or a fighter.

It's not how far you fall in your woes brother, but how high you bounce that defines you.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hit And Run

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After coming from a tattoo event in Sucat around past 2AM, Jason got cut off by some guy who suddenly swerved to catch the U-turn - at cruising speed. The guy managed to bolt, but witnesses were able to get the number of the car. The bike needless to say is wrecked. As of now he is immobilized from the waist down. In pain but hanging on.

I'm probably looking at months of rehabilitation in a wheel chair in this X-ray but I'm no doctor..

trashed bike pics by Cynch.


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