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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Been quite a long while when I last wrote something sensibly. Still adjusting from a major shift with the way things go around here. My old company sunk so I was forced into a situation. New company, smaller compensation but better time management, more potential avenues in the works, and an upcoming realization of a 3 year dream. My plan was delayed for half a month, but things have never failed to always come together for the better. I've always believed in the fact that the word "problem" is meaningless - more than 15 years ago - when I was aboard a bus with a kid who was figuring out a Rubik's cube.

I was on my way home, a typical crummy day. Ever had one of those episodes that you just suddenly find yourself staring blankly into space? After a good while in a hypnotic state I found myself staring at this kid fumbling with the thing flipping it around. In my mind it was just an ordinary sight, as I can also do one color of these confounded things. When I thought he'd run into a wall he slowly managed to gather each color separately. Within a short while the cube was finished. All colors in its own place. I've never seen it completed before! (This is a cinch these days thanks to YouTube..)

I've always gone back to that moment of awakening. Life is like that cube. It's not hopeless as most conclude it to be. Situations are what you have, and they always have solutions. Problems are but a figment if you keep the former in mind. Everything stems out of my choice of thoughts, words, and action. Situations don't make me, my choices do. No matter what any foolish atheist says, the only universal rule that does not change stands - I reap what I sow. That's why I don't despair, because I know how it is to be both full and hungry. Been there, done that. Life's bottlenecks don't scare me. The day doesn't wait for me or anyone. It doesn't care whether I grabbed an opportunity or wasted one. When I am happy someone else is sad and mourning. When I am down in the pits, someone else is partying hard. Stop asking why. Do.

Remember that skipping record scene in Brandon Lee's The Crow? "Can't rain all the time." Yup. Stuck to me like glue the very first time I heard it.

I can still change the way things go, no matter how effed up it really is - I know still have that chance because I still wake up every morning. I can choose to quit, or choose to stand where I am and whine about my situation, or I can choose to go forward. You don't have to be an intellectual giant to figure it out.

Sow your thought, reap your action. Sow your action, reap your habit. Sow your habit, reap your character. Sow your character, reap your destiny. Desiderius 101.

1 comment:

special'79 said...

Well said. Sometimes it's difficult to see how much control one has over their own lives and that most messes you get into, you can also get out of.


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