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Friday, September 03, 2010

Ink Me Bad

It's that month again in the ink world. First time I'd get to attend the event (finally..) with much enthusiasm. Thanks to the artists who've inspired me to pick up a pen and draw again but mainly to Luigi for waking up that craving in me. Last I held a machine was way back 1991, and in those days most artists have home made units made up from rotary dynamos from cassette players, one of which Luigi still has in his keeping. My short stint as a tattoo artist lasted only a little over a year and when a regular job reared its ugly head I kinda got lost with the flow.

Luigi toured me through his regular supply landmarks and helped me pick up the new items. Needless to say having all that stuff with no skin to test it on, my left leg hesitantly volunteered. I'd say its a bit decent for a first time. 5 hours worth of back pain.

Art by Joel Salgado.


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